Curriculum Subgroup: Creating Relevant and Responsive Learning Experiences

Guiding Principle: 3

These sessions present three proposals to create relevant and responsive courses and programs meeting the evolving needs of our current and future students. 

Session Topic 1: Alternative Credentials

The higher education landscape is changing in response to evolving and diverse learner needs. One example of this change is the emergence of “alternative credentials” — digital badges, micro-credentials, and industry-recognized certifications, designed to engage learners in new ways.  

Session Topic 2: Covid-19 and the Entering Freshman Classes of 2020 to 2032

We face long-term, spatiotemporally variable effects of coronavirus on preparation and well-being of future students. Effects will differ with grade, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. They will interact with pre-existing demographic challenges. We must: 1) partner with schools, 2) adapt strategies as the pandemic cohort ages, and 3) address demographic challenges.

Session Topic 3: MAX Penn State

A system-wide initiative empowering all students to maximize their Penn State experience by developing the skills and competencies necessary to make meaningful contributions to their personal and professional communities. Students will develop and implement a customized, four-year engagement plan for acquiring the essential competencies in and out of the classroom. 

Presentation File

  • Bob Orndorff – Senior Director of Career Services & Affiliate Associate Professor in Counselor Education
  • Pam Silver – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs – Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
  • Gary Chinn – Assistant Dean of Digital Learning, College of Arts & Architecture
  • Peter Butler – Associate Dean for Education and Graduate Professional Programs College of Engineering
  • Alan Rieck – Associate Vice President and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
  • Emily Rimland – Information Literacy Librarian and Learning Technologies Coordinator
  • Mike Zeman – Director, Student Engagement Network – Student Engagement Programs