One Penn State 2025

Working together to create a seamless, diverse, and interdisciplinary learning experience.

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One Penn State 2025 Vision

One Penn State 2025 builds on our strong traditions of working as one university to provide world class education and drives us to be a more integrated, flexible, and responsive institution. By 2025, every part of Penn State across the Commonwealth will offer a seamless 24/7/365 online experience and function as a truly diverse and inclusive institution. One Penn State 2025 will create a fluid, personalized, and collaborative environment that enables students, faculty, and staff to achieve their goals regardless of their location in the world.

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The Guiding Principles for One Penn State 2025


Provide a Seamless Student Experience

In 2025, Penn State will provide students with a seamless, mobile experience in all interactions with the institution, including admissions or enrollment processes, taking courses, co-curricular learning, or access to University support services.

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Achieve Curricular Coherence

In 2025, Penn State will commit to design degree, minor, and certificate programs that provide students with clearly articulated pathways built using thoughtful approaches to course coherence. Strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary communities and multiple flexible models of course taking will form the basis of this transformation.

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Design Relevant and Responsive Programs

In 2025, Penn State will offer degrees and programs with learning outcomes defined by disciplinary communities and contemporary needs, providing multiple pathways to achieve these outcomes.

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Engage Learners Throughout Their Lifetimes

In 2025, Penn State will engage learners throughout their lifetimes with content that is timely, topical, and relevant to their personal and professional well-being.

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Achieve the Highest Level of Efficient Use of University Resources

In 2025, Penn State will leverage digital solutions and align faculty, academic, and administrative resources to strengthen learning, research, and student support opportunities, thereby achieving greater institutional efficiency to address equity of, access to, and affordability of a high-quality Penn State education.

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“Please reach out. We want your ideas. We want your energy. We want your creativity.” Yvonne Gaudelius,
Executive Committee Co-Chair, Vice President and Dean for Undergraduate Education